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Driving Course

Training with driving simulators can be a cost-effective and time-efficient way for people with disabilities to gain driving experience and skills, without the need for specialised vehicles or expensive modifications.


Kickstart Centre - 4 Ralph Black Drive, North Wollongong

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This course can be customised to fit the specific needs of the participants based on their experience level and goals for learning to drive or develop their skills further. The Course will also focus on using the driving simulator as a tool to develop safe driving skills and habits while providing a safe and controlled environment for participants to practice driving techniques. The program will utilise a driving simulator, the NSW Learners Handbook, and an online defensive driving course.

When:  Starting 5th June, Monday – Friday AM and PM classes available.

Cost:    $72.88 per hour (NDIS funding), plus $49.50 Safe Drive E-Learning Online Course.

or a 10-Week program of supports

1:1 2hrs/10 weeks $1,403.25 (NDIS funding), plus $49.50 Safe Drvie E-Learning online course

Important: Greenacres provides support to people with disability to meet their goals. Staff support will be billed to your NDIS plan. If you are not receiving support services from Greenacres, we must assess your support needs before accepting your booking request.

How to make a Booking Request:

  1. Click on or tap “Add to My Activities.”
  2. Fill in your details in “My Activities.”
  3. Add your preferred day and time in the special instruction box.”
  4. Click on or tap the button “Submit.”
  5. We’ll reach out to you shortly about your request.
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