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Labour Hire Work Crews

Unlocking Workforce Potential with Greenacres Enterprises

Our dedicated crews, comprising individuals with disabilities who are supported and guided by a supervisor at all times, stand ready to undertake a myriad of tasks. This frees your skilled workforce to focus on responsibilities requiring specialised expertise. Release your employees from routine duties and optimise your workforce, empowering them to concentrate on tasks that demand their unique proficiency, thereby enhancing operational efficiency. Our diligent labour hire crews handle routine tasks with an unwavering commitment to impeccable standards akin to those achieved in-house. Partner with Greenacres Enterprises for reliable, high-quality support, enabling your business to flourish while making a positive societal impact.

Examples of Labour Hire Crew Services

Labour Hire Solutions

Customisation and Long-Term Contract Work

At Greenacres Enterprises, we take pride in providing dependable and efficient labour hire solutions. Our crews are available for long-term contract work, and crew size can be customised to meet your specific requirements, ranging from a single individual to a team of five.

Social Responsibility and Vision

Greenacres is a member of the Social Enterprise Council of NSW & ACT, a registered charity, and an NDIS Provider. It’s also part of the BuyAbility network, an initiative of the National Disability Services (NDS), which is committed to increasing employment opportunities for people with disabilities through socially responsible procurement opportunities. At Greenacres, we envision a positive future for every person with a disability, and your work with us helps achieve this vision.


Trust Greenacres Enterprises for reliable and high-quality labour hire solutions. Our dedication to providing dependable services and fostering social responsibility ensures that we can help you streamline operations while creating a positive societal impact.

To explore the possibilities of working with our labour hire crews or to discuss your specific needs, please contact us at 1800 462446, or email

What services do Greenacres labour hire crews offer?

Our crews offer a variety of services including cleaning, garden maintenance, property maintenance, and sorting and scaffolding. We are also open to developing new crew services based on your needs.

How can Greenacres help optimise my workforce?

By handling routine tasks, our labour hire crews allow your skilled employees to focus on tasks requiring their unique proficiency, enhancing your operational efficiency.

What is Greenacres' commitment to social responsibility?

Greenacres is part of several initiatives aimed at increasing employment opportunities for people with disabilities. We work towards creating a positive future for every person with a disability.

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