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Volunteering brings joy not only to those who receive support but also to those who extend a helping hand

Volunteer: Making a Meaningful Difference in the Lives of People with Disabilities

Volunteering is a noble act that brings joy not only to those who receive support but also to those who extend a helping hand. When you volunteer with us, you can be assured that you are making a very real difference – helping people with disability to build confidence and self-esteem, develop skills and get closer to reaching their goals.

Spending time with our participants and supported employees, helping them achieve their dreams, is one of the most rewarding tasks there is. We welcome volunteers with all skill levels. Whether you have experience in the disability support sector or you are volunteering for the first time, we have a team of staff who are there to support you as well. What our participants enjoy most is the time they get to spend interacting with new people, spending time 1 on 1 forming a meaningful connection.

Tailoring Roles for Volunteers

Our volunteers are more than welcome to suggest to us any roles they prefer, and we take that into consideration when assigning work.

Volunteering in the disability support sector is a powerful and transformative experience. The impact goes beyond the volunteer and the individual with a disability, influencing society at large. Join us on this rewarding journey of making a meaningful difference.

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frequently asked questions

How can I become a volunteer?

Becoming a volunteer is easy. You can contact our organisation directly or visit our website to find more information about volunteering opportunities.

What if I don't have experience in disability support?

No prior experience is required to volunteer with us. Our team will provide the necessary training and support to ensure you can contribute effectively.

Can I choose the role I want to volunteer in?

Yes, we encourage volunteers to share their preferences, and we will do our best to assign roles that align with their skills and interests.

What kind of impact can I make as a volunteer?

As a volunteer, you can make a significant impact on the lives of people with disabilities, helping them build confidence and achieve their goals.

How does volunteering benefit me personally?

Volunteering enhances personal growth by developing skills such as empathy, patience, and leadership, which are valuable in all aspects of life.
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