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Metal Shearing Sample Panels

Reliable Partner for Precise Sheet Metal Cutting Services

Greenacres Enterprises: Your Reliable Partner for Precise Sheet Metal Cutting Services

Fast. Friendly. Professional. Cost Effective. Quality.

Frequently asked questions

What materials does Greenacres Enterprises work with?

We specialise in sheet metal cutting. Our equipment is not suitable for hardened metals like stainless steel or high-tensile metals.

What is the maximum length and cut of sheet metal Greenacres can handle?

Currently, our maximum length and cut is 1200mm x 1200mm.

Does Greenacres adhere to any specific quality standards?

Yes, we adhere to the ISO9001:2016 Standard, ensuring we consistently deliver high-quality work.

Is Greenacres a socially responsible company?

Yes, we are a registered charity, an NDIS Provider, and part of the BuyAbility network, an initiative aimed at increasing employment opportunities for people with disabilities.

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