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Body Safe Body Bag Manufacturing

Greenacres Industries produces thousands of our Body Safe range of body bags annually.

Body Safe Body Bags: Ensuring Dignity and Reliability at Greenacres Enterprises.

Fast. Friendly. Professional. Cost Effective. Quality.

Frequently asked questions

Are Greenacres Cadaver Bags suitable for use in public hospitals and forensic departments?

Yes, our Cadaver Bags are trusted by public hospitals, state forensic departments, and other industries due to their leak-resistant and durable design.

Can I request custom sizes for the Body Safe Body Bags?

Absolutely! We offer custom-made options, and additional sliders can be added upon request to ensure the bags meet your specific requirements.

How are important documents secured in the Body Safe Body Bags?

Each bag includes A5 self-adhesive sealable pouches to securely hold documents, ensuring they stay with the cadaver.

Are Greenacres Cadaver Bags environmentally friendly?

Yes, we are committed to sustainability, and our materials and manufacturing processes reflect our dedication to a greener future.

How do Greenacres' Cadaver Bags facilitate efficient inventory management?

Our Cadaver Bags are individually shrink-wrapped and bar-coded, meeting the highest hygiene standards and enabling easy and efficient inventory management.

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