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NDIS Mainstream


Customised Employment

We are committed to understanding your career goals and putting the supports in place to make your dream become reality

Mainstream / Customised Employment (Age 17+)

At Greenacres, we have a team of experienced and dedicated Career experts, who are specialists in cultivating employment opportunities for people with a wide range of disabilities, and in particular, we work extensively with people who have an intellectual disability.

We are committed to understanding you, your employment-related passions, strengths, skills, and potential before pursuing the most suitable career path for you. This includes taking the time to meet your family members or carers, to gain insights into your support environment. This all helps us to nurture a career journey that best suits your skills, capabilities and preferred work atmosphere.

We also collaborate closely with employers that value inclusion and diversity, taking the time to develop lasting relationships with them, where we understand their operational needs and environments, so we can facilitate the formation of roles where each individual’s contributions are appreciated, and where individual support requirements are acknowledged and able to be met. We are there for our employers as well as our participants to ensure long-term successes are achieved for all parties.

Our past results demonstrate a wonderful array of successful stories, empowering individuals with disabilities to participate effectively in mainstream and open employment environments. We are proud of the outcomes we have achieved, and the following stories shine a light on just some of these amazing career journeys.

Another key advantage we have the capability to offer is the provision of ongoing after-employment support for those who benefit from this. This can make a significant difference and we welcome your enquiries about this service, even if you are not already a Greenacres participant.

At Greenacres, we imagine the possibilities and we are committed to supporting you in securing the right job, not just any job.


To find out more about our Customised Employment opportunities or to book in for an initial individual meeting, call us on 1800 462 446

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