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Scrap Copper Recycling

Providing Sustainable Solutions for Copper Recycling

Greenacres Enterprises: Providing Sustainable Solutions for Copper Recycling

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Frequently asked questions

What is copper recycling?

Copper recycling is the process of reclaiming copper from used materials for use in new products, thereby reducing the need for new copper mining.

What types of copper materials does Greenacres accept?

We accept a wide variety of copper materials, including industrial and trade industry cables, computer network cabling, and household electrical leads.

What items are excluded from Greenacres' copper recycling services?

We currently do not accept COAX cable for recycling.

Why is copper recycling important?

Copper recycling is crucial for environmental sustainability as it reduces the need for mining new raw materials, conserves energy, and minimises the carbon footprint associated with copper production.

How does Greenacres contribute to social responsibility?

Greenacres is part of several initiatives aimed at increasing employment opportunities for people with disabilities, working towards creating a positive future for every person with a disability.

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