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Pre-filled Sand Bags

Premier Source for High-Quality Sandbags

Greenacres Enterprises: Your Premier Source for High-Quality Sandbags

Fast. Friendly. Professional. Cost Effective. Quality.

Frequently asked questions

What size are the standard sandbags from Greenacres Enterprises?

Our standard sandbags are 840 x 360mm in size.

Can I customise the weight of the sandbags?

Yes, we offer customisation options for sandbag weights. Simply provide us with your requirements.

Do you offer delivery options?

Yes, we do offer delivery options for our sandbags.

What type of clients does Greenacres Enterprises serve?

We serve a diverse range of clients, including local councils, government agencies, emergency services, and large industrial and manufacturing companies.

Is Greenacres Enterprises a registered charity?

Yes, Greenacres is a registered charity and an NDIS Provider, and is part of the BuyAbility network.

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