Thursday, September 10, was national R U OK? Day and all of Greenacres stopped work and activities to take a moment to check in with each other and ask the important question ‘are you OK?’

The event has a 10 year history, but never has it been more important than this year to come together as a community and care for each other.

We acknowledged the day throughout the organisation with something that always makes us happy “ baking (and eating)!

Each of our Community Life & Leisure centres were encouraged to bake a batch of cupcakes and get creative with decorating them, while at the ADE and Kickstart Centre in North Wollongong we made hundreds of pancakes for morning tea (wearing gloves and masks to ensure COVID-19 safety).

While we enjoyed our cakes and pancakes, representatives wearing yellow RU OK? t-shirts chatted to everyone about how they were coping with all the challenges and changes that 2020 has brought us.

By simply asking RU OK?, you could help your friend or workmate open up and start a conversation that could be life changing.

If they say they are not OK, you can listen and support them to find strategies to help, including encouraging them to talk to a staff member at Greenacres. If they are OK, then that person will know you’re a friend who cares enough to ask.