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Steps to make a credit card payment

Step 1: Click the link to make a credit card payment and you will be taken to our Commonwealth Bank payment page, where you can enter your payment details:

  • BPAY® Reference Number – Enter the 10 digit BPAY “Ref:” included at the bottom of your invoice. See Payment option example (below) showing location of BPAY Ref at the bottom of your invoice. In this example the BPAY Reference Number is “10000001923”.
  • Full Name and Address – Enter your Full Name and Address (do not use commas as this will cause an error).
  • Amount – Enter the amount you wish to pay in dollars and cents.

Careful entry of your reference information will allow Greenacres to accurately allocate payments to your account.

Payment option example

Step 2: Select your credit card type:

  • Mastercard or Visa (Note: American Express is not available)
  • Enter your Credit Card number
  • Card expiry date – located on the front of your credit card.
  • CVN – a 3 digit number located on the back of your card.

You can email a receipt by entering your email address and clicking “Send Email” at the bottom of the payment confirmation page.

Click “Print View” for a printable version of your receipt.

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