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Further Information about Payments

How do we process payments?

When we receive a payment we apply it to the oldest outstanding invoices. To do this we use the information supplied with the payment to identify the oldest invoices: BPAY® Reference Number plus Participant Full Name and Address. If a payment amount is sufficient to cover more than one invoice this will be applied in the order of oldest invoice to newest invoice.

Payment terms

Payment terms are strictly 14 days from the End of the Month. For example, all outstanding amounts showing on a Statement dated the 31st August are due to be paid by the close of business on the 14th of September. (If the 14th falls on a weekend it is due the weekday prior to this).

We are happy for you to pay when you receive a weekly invoice rather than leaving to month end but must insist that all invoices are paid within the above terms.

Reference Number

It is important that the correct reference number is used on all payments to Greenacres. Without the right reference number we will have difficulty in allocating monies to the correct customer record. It costs time and money for us to chase down the correct details so we appreciate your efforts to supply the reference number with your payment.

For BPAY and Online Credit Card details we use the mentioned ‘BPAY Ref’ number. When paying by cash or cheque you can either use the same BPAY Reference number or the Customer Number found on your invoices or statement. Preferably a copy of your statement attached to the payment would be appreciated. (Our reception can take a copy of your statement for you if you visit our Head Office).

Surcharge on credit card transactions

Greenacres pays fees for each credit card transaction and as a charity we find it difficult to absorb all of the cost of providing this payment option, as such a surcharge may be charged to your credit card in addition to your payment amount. This fee will partially help pay the Merchant Fees that Greenacres must incur to provide this facility for you.

If the case arises where a surcharge has been added and it is outside the scope of the NDIS guidelines, we will reimburse the equivalent amount to the relevant customer account.

Does Greenacres store credit card details?

At no time in the payment process does Greenacres hold your credit card details. This means that Greenacres does not store your credit card details. When a payment is made your credit card details are entered into the Commonwealth Banks’ secure BPoint payment service.

BPOINT is fully hosted by Commonwealth Bank of Australia and meets the highest level of the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards. BPOINT captures cardholder data and stores Primary Account Numbers in unreadable encrypted and truncated form. Card Verification Code is never stored within the BPOINT environment. BPOINT is fully protected against malware and updates anti-virus software or programs to develop and maintain secure systems and applications which are routinely tested by to confirm security. BPOINT does not pass or share any stored details.

How to read a statement

Please review the sample below which includes, in blue, information on how to read your statement.

Contact details

For further information about payments, please contact Greenacres:


4 Ralph Black Drive
Wollongong North, NSW

Phone: 02 4222 6200

Email: accounts@greenacres.net.au

®Registered to BPAY Pty Ltd ABN 69 079 137 518