Sarah uses the pointillism technique of painting to create beautiful landscapes, Tony likes painting birds of prey in bright colours while Vanessa’s work often features butterflies.

It only took one quick look at the artworks displayed at the Outsider Artists Exhibition, which officially opened today, to see that the each of the artists has developed their own unique style and technique.

All the artists involved with this exhibition have been guided in their work by Greenacres Art Therapist, Victoria Velozo, who works with artists from Greenacres during weekly classes as well as running a drop-in art class every Sunday.

Having an exhibition and being able to sell their artworks in a public space like the iAccelerate Centre has validated the entire artistic process for the artists, Victoria said.

They not only have the opportunity to see their art hanging in a prominent position but inviting family, carers and the community to view their final works at an official opening completes the artistic cycle.

Victoria explained that for many people with a disability, the art studio is a place where they can express what is in their hearts in a way that they often can’t in their everyday lives.

Art is such an exciting form of expression and when an artist discovers their own style and technique, like Sarah has, then it leads to these amazing artworks, Victoria said.

All the Outsider Artists feel a great sense of pride and self-worth when they see their work displayed in an exhibition like this and an even greater sense of accomplishment when their artwork is sold.

The exhibition will be held at the iAccelerate Centre, 239 building, Innovation Campus, Squires Way, North Wollongong from November 15 to November 30. The exhibition will be open 10am-4pm daily (except Sundays).