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Greenacres Enterprises

Unlike most workplaces, at Greenacres Enterprises we don’t find the right person for the job, we find the right job for the person.

Our person centred approach means we take the time to really get to know you. We won’t place you in a job until we know your skills and abilities, your likes and dislikes, what interests you most, and your goals and dreams for the future.

With work opportunities over three different facilities in North Wollongong, as well as work in the community, we can find a job to suit you.

Our work at Greenacres Enterprises varies from packaging, labelling and assembly through to industrial sewing, light manufacturing, E-waste, and even hospitality.

Greenacres Enterprises part of the BuyAbility network. All products and services from BuyAbility members are quality assured and Australian made and operated.

Visit the Greenacres Industries website to find out more about the type of work that we do.

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