CLL Centres

Greenacres has 15 Community Life and Leisure (CLL) centres across the Illawarra and Shoalhaven.

Most of our CLL centres are named after the street they are on and while they may differ in size and style, they are all staffed by a team of passionate and experienced support workers and offer a diverse range of activities and supports.

They best way to see which centre is right for you is to arrange a visit, talk to the team and meet some of the participants.

A woman in boxing gloves

53 Auburn Street, Wollongong

4222 6220

Located in central Wollongong, the Greenacres Auburn Street Centre is a day program for people with a moderate disability and also caters for those with a physical disability requiring a wheelchair.

There are two buildings on site with the light and spacious building at the back hosting the majority of the in-centre activities. The program is participant led and includes a wide range of activities focussing on fun, fitness and friendship.  Participants at this centre like to get out and about in the community enjoying activities like Zumba-fitness, swimming, bike riding, eating out and going to concerts.


8 Rowland Avenue, Wollongong

4222 6231

With Wollongong’s CBD right on their doorstep, participants at Rowland Avenue love getting out every day and enjoying a range of activities in their community. This centre supports participants with moderate to high needs and provides personal care, transport and behavioural support. The team at Rowland Avenue run a person-centred program with both in-centre and community activities based around the goals and interests of the participants.

As well as having a recently renovated kitchen and a sunny North facing deck, the Rowland Avenue centre also includes a large backyard, beautiful gardens and a separate studio for art, craft and woodwork activities.


19 Esperance Drive, Albion Park

4222 6223

It is the highly experienced and dedicated team at Esperance Drive that make this centre a home away from home for the participants attending and gives peace of mind to families and carers.

The team are skilled at communicating with their participants who have high to very high support needs and they are committed to providing both community access and in-centre activities that are stimulating, varied and in line with the goals and interests of their participants.

The Esperance Drive centre provides personal care, feeding and wheelchair transportation.

32A Greenacre Road, Wollongong

4222 6230

There is no better location for a Greenacres centre than Greenacre Road in Wollongong – the street where it all began for us back in 1953 and the reason we are called Greenacres!

While the buildings are new, the ethos of the two Greenacre Road centres remains the same as that first little school – to enrich the lives of the people we support by providing experiences and opportunities which build skills, confidence and independence.

Participants at Greenacre Road (Back) range in age and have a variety of moderate to high support needs. They all share a love of having fun in the community and learning new life skills especially when it comes to art, craft and creating.

This centre is also lucky to have a large, sunny backyard with a paved entertaining area and raised garden beds – perfect for picnics and outdoor activities.

38 High Street, Corrimal

4222 6227

Located in a quiet street with easy access to shops, cafes, parks and beautiful beaches, High Street is Greenacres most Northern Community Life and Leisure (CLL) centre in the Illawarra.

Established for participants with high support needs, this centre provides personal care, wheelchair transportation, feeding and behavioural supports.

This is a young and fun centre with the majority of the participants aged in their teens or twenties. Just like others their age, they are eager for new experiences and really enjoy socialising out in their community as well as having fun in the centre.

The experienced and dedicated team at High Street run a person centred program and organise activities in line with their participants’ goals and interests. Staff and participants at High Street believe firmly in giving back to others and will often be involved in volunteering.


32 Greenacre Road, Wollongong

4222 6218

If we could only use one word to describe our Greenacre Road (Front) centre it would be ‘social’. These mainly older participants value their long friendships with each other and any new participants that join their centre are quickly welcomed into their close circle.

Whether it is out in the community or at the centre, socialising is central to every day. The participants who have moderate to low support needs and really value their independence, enjoy going out into the community, learning new skills and keeping fit with fun activities.

The centre has lots of different spaces where smaller groups will gather to play games or do art and craft and there is also a beautiful deck where everyone comes together to have a coffee, soak up the morning sunshine and decide on their plans for the day.


138 Kanahooka Road, Kanahooka

4222 6217

Greenacres’ Harmony day program in Kanahooka caters for those over 40s. While ageing may mean a dip in energy levels, mobility and general health, at Greenacres, we don’t believe it should be a reason to stop doing the activities you love.

The participants at Harmony keep doing the activities they enjoy, surrounded by the friends they have made, for as long as possible. This is an age-friendly centre and support is individually tailoring support around declining health and age related conditions like dementia.



24 Fisher Street, Oak Flats

4222 6224

This light, bright and spacious centre is perfect for the very high support needs of the participants who attend this day program. The building has high ceilings and an open plan design making it easily accessible for wheelchairs.

While our newest centre is a great place for relaxation and in-centre activities and supports, the participants at Shepherd Brothers Place also enjoy getting out into their community with activities like swimming, shopping, cafes and the movies.

The dedicated staff at Shepherd Brothers Place are caring and experienced especially with personal care, wheelchair transportation, communication and feeding supports.

286 Kanahooka Road, Kanahooka

4222 6225

Ask any retiree and they will tell you that the secret to a happy retirement is keeping busy and regularly meeting up with friends. Kemira is a centre-based day supports program that follows this philosophy, allowing older participants (many of whom worked at Greenacres Industries) to make the transition from supported employment to retirement with ease.

The centre is situated in the peaceful surrounds of the IRT William Beach Gardens retirement community and has modern and relaxing communal spaces perfect for in-centre activities. The participants also have fun and keep active with a range of activities in the community like Zumba, shopping, movies, ten-pin-bowling, woodwork, gardening, shows, art, restaurants and more.

With five spacious bedroom suites, the Kemira Centre is also used for short term accommodation respite overnight and on weekends.

10 Oak Street, Albion Park Rail

4222 6222

With an average age of 30, participants at this day supports centre share a love of getting out into the community, trying new activities, giving back to their community and most importantly, celebrating!

The Oak Street team are experts when it comes to throwing a party and they will not only celebrate every participant’s birthday but also events like Harmony Day, Christmas in July and the Melbourne Cup.

The participants at Oak Street range from moderate to high support needs and when they are not having a party they enjoy both community access and centre-based activities like cooking, life skills and art.

29 View Street, Lake Illawarra

4222 6226

Named in honour of our beloved former Greenacres CEO, Neil Preston, Preston Place is a newly built welcoming, modern space designed for our mostly younger participants who have moderate to high support needs.

With socialising in mind, this centre has been created with a theatre room which can also be a music and performance space, plenty of areas to hang out and chat with friends and an outdoor patio and landscaped garden for BBQs. Preston Place also has a dedicated sensory room for those participants who need to escape the activity and take some time to relax and recharge.

While Preston Place is a great space to be, the participants also enjoy getting out in the community for a range of fun, fitness and learning activities.

4 Ord Place, Albion Park

4222 6228

With Zumba, boxing, bushwalking, bowling and art classes just some of the activities that the Ord Place participants like to do, it is no surprise that at the end of the day, the outdoor hammock and the comfy lounges are the most popular places to be.

The highly dedicated and experienced staff at Ord Place design each day’s program around the goals and choices of the participants who range in age and have moderate to high support needs.

Because Ord Place feels just like home, the centre is often used on weekends and weeknights as a flexible respite option for families and carers.

85 Park Road, Nowra

4222 6221

Learning life skills, having fun and giving back to the community are at the heart of this Nowra based centre which mainly caters for younger participants with mild to moderate support needs.

Participants will often collect donated food from Woolworths and cook meals for Dignity – a charity providing essential services for people experiencing homelessness. The team also built a pantry out the front of the centre filled with non-perishable items for anyone who needs them.

Projects like these not only improve the Park Road participants’ practical skills but boost their confidence, sense of purpose and self-esteem and make them feel very connected to their community.

92 Rayleigh Drive, Worrigee

4222 6229

Social, creative and caring is how you would describe the participants of our Rayleigh Drive Centre which is located in a peaceful street in Worrigee.

Their program is designed around the participants’ interests and goals and while most of the week is devoted to creative and fitness activities like cooking, craft, drama, music and swimming, they always make sure there is time for volunteering too.

For many years, participants from this centre have been helping older residents in their community by volunteering with Meals on Wheels and at an IRT retirement home.

27 Lyndhurst Drive, Worrigee

4222 6219

The highly experienced and caring team at our Lyndhurst Drive Centre in the Shoalhaven are skilled at communicating with their participants who have high to very high support needs.

This day program provides both community access and in-centre activities that are social, diverse and in line with the goals and interests of their participants.  While activities range from cooking, swimming and craft to cafes and music, Lyndhurst participants particularly love taking the train to a beautiful spot for a picnic.