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Using Your NDIS Plan

You have completed your preplanning, had your planning meeting with your Local Area Coordinator (LAC) or NDIA Planner and your plan has been approved. Now what do you do?

How do I manage my plan, what are my options?

You can self-manage

This means you or a nominee are responsible for paying for the supports you receive through your NDIS Plan. Self-managing means you make arrangements with the providers you want to provide your supports. They can be registered or unregistered service providers as long as they meet all relevant industry requirements.

You can get a registered Plan Manager

You may be funded for a Plan Manager or Support Coordinator as part of your plan. Plan Managers will liaise with your providers, make payments, process expense claims and make claims from the NDIA. Your Local Area Coordinator can help you to find a Plan Manager if you need one.

The NDIA can manage your plan (Agency Managed)

With this option, the NDIA will make the contractual arrangements and pay your support providers for you. The Agency can only manage payments for services you receive from Registered Service Providers.

A combination of the above

If you decide on a combination of payment options, each party will manage a specific section of your NDIS Plan and will manage all parts of that section.

How do I see my plan?

You will received a printed copy of your NDIS Plan either in person or in the mail. Your Plan will be provided to you in your preferred language or format, and your Plan can also be viewed on the myplace portal around 24 hours after it has been approved.

The myPlace portal is a secure website where you, or any other contact you have given consent to, can view your NDIS Plan, submit invoices and check on any claims.

You can access the myPlace portal through your myGov account.To create a myGov account, go to www.my.gov.au and select ‘Create a myGov account’. Follow the instructions and answer the questions. Once you have a myGov account you can link up your NDIS myPlace portal.

If you have any problems setting this up contact the myGov helpdesk on 13 23 07 for assistance.

What is in my NDIS Plan?

Your Plan will include the information you supplied at your first plan meeting and will include information about:

  • You – including your activities, your disability and your living arrangements
  • The support you get from family and friends that is not funded but will help you work towards your goals
  • The services and supports that are funded and delivered by the community or other government services
  • Your goals – these might be short term and long term goals
  • Your funded supports – this sections tells you want funding you have been allocated in each support category and what the funding is for.

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