There was plenty of reminiscing last week as Greenacres said goodbye to General Manager, Susan Burns, after nearly 20 years of service to Greenacres and the people we support.

When Susan worked for the Department of Family and Community Services in the 90s, part of her job involved visits to Greenacres. She enjoyed her time here (and her cups of tea with Neil!) so much, she decided to leave FACS and join us as the Training Manager bringing with her a wealth of experience and a powerful drive to improve the lives of people with disability.

In the time Susan has been with us, Greenacres has gone through immense change, moving from renting to owning many of the buildings we use and greatly increasing the number of people we support.

For Susan, though, the most important changes for Greenacres has been the way we have addressed ageing and mental health by creating ground-breaking programs like Greenacres Retirement Options and Better Days.

Susan said she will greatly miss the relationships she has developed with many of our participants as well as the ‘sheer niceness’ of so many of the staff here at Greenacres.

Susan plans to spend the next fortnight sleeping in before considering some part-time job offers and volunteering to help set up a new ‘Two Streams’ service in Nowra for the Aboriginal community.

Wishing you a wonderful retirement Susan and thank you for your knowledge, passion and tireless dedication to Greenacres – you have left us all an incredible legacy.