Building One is officially the coolest place to work in the ADE thanks to the installation of a ‘Big Ass’ (yes, that’s the name of it!) ceiling fan. The massive fan has been partly funded by a grant from Local Federal MP, Sharon Bird’s ‘Stronger Communities Program’.

Sharon Bird was pleased to visit Building One, officially switch on the fan and talk to supported employees about the difference the fan has made to their working conditions.

With record heatwaves already and temperatures only set to get higher, the fan is a welcome addition to our heat management plan which currently includes wall fans, ice blocks, taking more breaks and even ceasing work altogether in extreme heat.

According to the manufacturers, it will lower the ambient temperature by six degrees while also providing constant air movement throughout the facility. We hope to install similar fans in our other ADE buildings in the future.

This is what some of our supported employees said:

The big fan will make it much better when it is hot “ I love it! Sam Gaskell

When I get too hot I feel tired and dizzy. I think this fan will stop that happening. Trent Potter

I think it is a great innovation and it will change the work environment for us. Brian Lynch

It is the biggest fan I have ever seen. It can get quite hot in here and I think this will make a big difference. Andrew Braan

I really like the new fan “ it looks like a helicopter and it makes where I sit at work nice and cool. Madeline Ramsay