Usually in life, digging into a bacon & egg roll only makes a difference to your waist line but on Wednesday, June 13, you will be able to indulge and help people experiencing homelessness at the same time. 

The staff of Brewing Up a Storm, a community enterprise of Greenacres, are hoping Wollongong workers will ditch their usual breakfast fare and join them for ‘Brekkie & a Brew’ with all money raised going to the Vinnies CEO Sleepout.

Greenacres Executive Officer, Heather Marciano, who will be participating in the CEO Sleepout, said the cause was particularly important to Greenacres because of how many people experiencing homelessness also have a disability.

Sadly, studies have shown that while people with disability make up about 18 percent of the general population, they make up 25 percent of the clients of specialist homeless services, Heather said.

People with disability often have extra health care and support costs and are more likely to be unemployed or have a low income making them more vulnerable to homelessness.

Women with a disability are also over-represented when it comes to domestic and family violence which is another big contributing factor to homelessness.

Shivering alongside Heather at the CEO Sleepout will be Greenacres Manager of Community Enterprises, Mimma Peppoloni, who said the Greenacres employees helping out at Brekkie & a Brew couldn’t wait to get behind the BBQ for such a great cause.

Greenacres supported employees love any chance to give back to our community especially to people who are doing it tough this winter, Mimma said.

They have been having fun experimenting to come up with the perfect bacon and egg roll “ apparently the secret is in the right amount of BBQ sauce!

We really hope that people stop by on their way to work, have a chat and relax with us over a coffee and a brekkie roll – it will be a great way to start the day!

Brekkie & a Brew

Date: Wednesday, June 13

Time: 7.30am to 9.30am

Location:Brewing up a Storm Café
NSW State Emergency Services Building, 93-99 Burelli Street, Wollongong