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Outsider Artists Exhibition

The Greenacres Outsider Artists exhibition is the culmination of the artistic vision and practice of over 70 artists with disability.

It is impossible to categorise the art in this exhibition as our artists do not intellectualise their work or limit themselves to what is fashionable. Instead, they create as a way to communicate to the world in a style that is deeply personal and powerful.

During the weekly classes, the artists are not instructed on what to create but are supported to explore different artistic mediums and develop their own unique style.

Greenacres Senior Art Therapist, Victoria Velozo, who leads the Outsider Artists drop-in art class every Sunday, said she is always amazed by the therapeutic power of art for people with disability.

“The Outsider Artists create as a way to communicate to the world in a style that is deeply personal and powerful,” Victoria said.

“Sometimes it takes a bit of experimentation to find the right artistic medium for the person but when they do make that connection to their creativity, the results are quite extraordinary.

“The artists then feel a great sense of pride and self-worth when they see their work displayed in an exhibition like this and an even greater sense of accomplishment when their artwork is sold.”

The Greenacres Outsider Artists Exhibition which will be running from 18th October until 4th November at the Project Contemporary Artspace in Keira Street Wollongong.

Visit the Outsider Artists exhibition and be prepared to be surprised, moved and inspired.